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What is a Hydrosol?

Hydrosols are also known as essential waters, herbal waters, hydrolates and other names. They are herbal distillates. That means they are a co-product created in the steam distillation process of making Essential Oils.
Hydrosols contain all of the ‘phytochemicals,’ or organic compounds, of the original plant or herb being distilled. Because hydrosols actually contain tiny particles of the essential oil and other components found in the herb, they may be considered a pre-diluted version of the Essential Oil.
Unlike pure Essential Oils, which should be diluted with a ‘carrier’ oil before being applied to the skin, hydrosols are much gentler and may generally be used directly on the skin with no dilution.
Hydrosols are coming into popular use as an alternative to plain water in fragrances, skin toners, cosmetics and lotions. Because of the growing concern about harsh chemical additives and stabilizers being absorbed through the skin with commercial products, many people are switching to hydrosol-based products.
They may be misted directly on the skin or added to bath water as a natural skin toner, or used as a natural fragrance.

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