Welcome to Ozark Essence – where the name reflects exactly what we’re about! Here, you will find products and ingredients that are found naturally in the Ozarks – hence, the Essence of the Ozarks.

We offer Hydrosols, Essential Oils, and a variety of household and body care products that are crafted from wild-harvested plants right here in Central & South-Central Missouri.

Other than the packaging containers, we strive to source everything locally, taking wild-harvested plants from the natural environment through the entire process of drying, distillation, formulation – all the way to the final products.

We stay away from harsh chemicals, additives, stabilizers, preservatives, etc., typically found in commercial products, and replace them with natural alternatives for our products. For example, our lotions are made with our own hydrosols instead of water, and our aromatherapy blends may also be used as perfumes.

We also formulate shaving creams, after shaves, soaps, bug repellent, hand sanitizer, salves, essential oil blends and beauty serums.  We want to stress that we believe in purity – giving you the best that we create, with no artificial stuff, no fillers, and no shortcuts. We are not high-volume suppliers to mass-market buyers.

Our vision is not only to grow the business, but also to improve the local economy, while providing natural alternatives to commercial products for health, wellness and beauty.

We hope you find our website to be a rich source of information on the incredible uses of our natural environment!

About our Team:

Kim Johnson is a licensed nurse and cosmetologist. Mrs. Johnson is heavily involved in research and development, and passionately serves as our product formulator.

Paula Stagner is currently training to be a certified essential oil health coach and is a member of the American Herbalists Guild. She also assists with research and essential oil expertise, as well as plant harvesting.

Karen Schrader is an experienced grower, and brings many years of horticultural knowledge to the team. In addition to plant harvesting, Mrs. Schrader oversees Distillation and quality control.